The HoReCa industry ranks high among the major business industries around the world. Horeca is actually an abbreviation for 3 words: Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes (Catering) used mostly in Europe namely in Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland), Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) and France.

The hospitality industry is a collection of businesses that offer various services for the reception and service of guests. This definition is very close to the concept of modern hotel complexes, as they offer not only accommodation services but also many other related services.

The hotel industry is not limited to hotels, but extends to all businesses that offer tourists food, drink or a place to sleep. In other words, the hotel industry includes hotels, resorts, casinos, bars, spas and restaurants. Being such a large branch of activity, recruitment in this field is not easy. The hotel industry involves hotel managers, receptionists, as well as cleaning staff, waiters or cooks.

Lately, Romania, like many other countries, is facing challenges in recruiting staff in the hotel industry. The main challenge is to find the right candidates. The latest data shows that the hotel sector in Romania still needs thousands of employees by 2022 or it is necessary to replace the existing staff.

The Hotel Industry occupies an important place in the Tourism industry in continuous development and offers multiple career development opportunities. The lack of skilled and hospitable staff causes many businesses to suffer.

The solution we offer is to fill the shortage of staff so that your business is a success.

For the hotel industry, our recruitment experience is supported by the placement of Asian workers in specific positions, such as:

  • Maid,
  • Cleaning staff
  • Receptionists,
  • Bellboy,
  • Chefs,
  • Chef’s help,
  • Waiters,
  • Bartenders,
  • Dishwashers,
  • Green space caretakers.


Recruitment can be done according to your wishes and needs. Our staff will work with you on the ideal employee description for each desired position, so that the selection and placement of Asian workers is as compliant as possible.

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience. The selection is based on interviews and practical tests in order to better capture the potential of each candidate.

Obtaining documents

We know the legislative framework that regulates the stay and work of foreign citizens in Romania. We take responsibility for obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits and we are contractually responsible for completing these formalities.Details »


Our company is made up of a multicultural team that is ready to support and facilitate the process of accommodating workers from Asian countries in Romania.

In addition to the selection based on the accuracy provided by the Integrity Meter platform, we have a personal approach to candidates and their relationship with employers.Details »


With a growing need to bring a more specialized and accessible workforce, a more personal and professional approach to workforce management is needed. We make your success our number one goal and come to your aid with all the resources we have to ensure guaranteed success.Details »

Integrity test

In order to support the most accurate and concrete recruitment, the Indica7 agency uses the Integrity Meter platform, the most advanced integrity testing platform in the world. The Integrity Meter platform examines the integrity, credibility and background of each candidate, presenting a complete, accurate and precise integrity profile.Details »