Our agency, with extensive experience in recruiting and placing Asian workers, workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Morocco, is a leading company in the professional industry.

We have extensive experience in selecting and placing workers in any field of activity. This experience is based on long collaborations with various market leaders in all areas of work.

We can select candidates for any field of activity, using a well-established protocol. The advantage of collaborating with our agency is supported by our connections with some of the most professional recruitment agencies in Asia, a collaboration that allows us to bring skilled and unskilled high quality staff to any field of activity.

Based on counseling sessions, we can work together to determine the profile of the ideal candidate, depending on the needs of the company, and start the recruitment process tailored exactly to your liking, regardless of the field of activity.

With the knowledge in the field of legislation, and the connections that can facilitate the process of accommodating workers, we are at your service to make the best choice for your business.

We offer advice and support throughout the recruitment and placement process, both for the employer and for the employees.

Obtaining documents

We know the legislative framework that regulates the stay and work of foreign citizens in Romania. We take responsibility for obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits and we are contractually responsible for completing these formalities.Details »


Our company is made up of a multicultural team that is ready to support and facilitate the process of accommodating workers from Asian countries in Romania.

In addition to the selection based on the accuracy provided by the Integrity Meter platform, we have a personal approach to candidates and their relationship with employers.Details »


With a growing need to bring a more specialized and accessible workforce, a more personal and professional approach to workforce management is needed. We make your success our number one goal and come to your aid with all the resources we have to ensure guaranteed success.Details »

Integrity test

In order to support the most accurate and concrete recruitment, the Indica7 agency uses the Integrity Meter platform, the most advanced integrity testing platform in the world. The Integrity Meter platform examines the integrity, credibility and background of each candidate, presenting a complete, accurate and precise integrity profile.Details »