Indica7 Services

We offer comprehensive job selection and placement services from Asian countries.

Asia Workers Recruitment

Our recruitment and placement services give you the flexibility to recruit skilled workers when and where you need it mostDetails »

Local selection and recruitment

Indica 7, the recruitment agency for Asian work force, provides complex services for the selection and placement of both skilled and unskilled workers in a wide range of fields.Details »


We offer advice and support throughout the recruitment and placement process, both for the employer and for the employees.Details »


Our company is made up of a multicultural team that is ready to support and facilitate the process of accommodating workers from Asian countries in Romania.Details »

Obtaining documents / visas

We know the legislative framework that regulates the stay and work of foreign citizens in Romania. We take responsibility for obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits and we are contractually responsible for completing these formalities.Details »


In order to support the most accurate and concrete recruitment, the Indica7 agency uses the Integrity Meter platform, the most advanced integrity testing platform in the world. The Integrity Meter platform examines the integrity, credibility and background of each candidate, presenting a complete, accurate integrity profile.Details »