Indica 7, the Asian workforce recruitment agency, provides complex services for the selection and placement of workers, both skilled and unskilled for a wide range of fields.

During the 12 years of experience in the Romanian labor market, we have gathered the knowledge and tools instruments for a wide range of industries and types of candidates.

By choosing the Indica7 agency, you can enjoy high quality staffing services from Asia. The result we pursue is to always provide more accurately, the most suitable candidates according to the requirements of each company we work with.

The Indica7 team, a multicultural team, can offer you consultancy at the highest level of quality and professionalism. We understand the complexities of human dynamics in the workplace, which is why our portfolio of services is extensive. We deal with the recruitment and placement of Asian workers from the initial stages until the signing of employment contracts, consulting, obtaining documents, mediation and facilitating their integration in the companies where they are placed.

Our activity is based on bringing workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco and India to the country, as well as the local placement of workers who are on the territory of our country. We make the goals of employers as well as candidates our goals. Treating everything in a personal way, for us every success of yours is also a success of ours.

Our catalog of candidates includes skilled staff in various fields, from the IT industry, construction, kitchen, transportation, as well as unskilled workers. Research shows that workers in Asian countries, both skilled and unskilled, show the will and the ambition to succeed at work, and are loyal employees.

As we specialize in staff recruitment in Asia, we guarantee employers numerous financial benefits and more, which come with hiring from abroad. We recruit workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco and India, eager to cross borders to work and live in Romania.