One of the most important methods of sustaining a successful relationship is communication.

One of the most important ways to maintain a successful relationship is to communicate.

Our company is made up of a multicultural team that is ready to support and facilitate the process of accommodating workers from Asian countries in Romania.

In addition to the selection based on the accuracy provided by the Integrity Meter platform, we have a personal approach to candidates and their relationship with employers.

We support the employer-employee relationship through the well-established protocol we follow, through a series of key actions.

Upon entering the country, Asian workers receive SIM cards, which are centralized and specially designed to keep in touch with them upon arrival at the airport. There they are greeted by our colleagues, and guided with care and attention.

We have teams that can travel to employers’ locations, to talk to workers, to help mediate different situations.

We also have knowledge and collaborations regarding the accommodation spaces for them.

We come to support the cultural differences between our country and the Asian countries, through the baggage of information that we have, through the prism of the long and solitary experience in terms of collaborating with the Asian culture. Also, our colleagues from Asian countries have full availability to get involved in accommodating workers in Romanian culture, while also maintaining their cultural individuality.

In other words, Indica 7 believes that major and well-mediated changes are the key to success. Our agency wants to make it as easy as possible to accommodate workers from Asian countries. We help them, as well as the employers, create a bridge that will lead to success guaranteed by both parties.