Indica 7, the employment agency, comes to your aid regarding the part of obtaining the necessary documents.

We know the legislative framework that regulates the stay and work of foreign citizens in Romania. We take responsibility for obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and residence permits and we are contractually responsible for completing these formalities.

We communicate with the institutions of the Romanian state, as well as with those of the state of residence of the future employee, in order to obtain the documents necessary for immigration:

  • Work permit
  • Certificate of equivalence of studies
  • ANOFM certificate
  • Work permit
  • Long stay residence permit


Services offered for foreign citizens:

  • obtaining Romanian citizenship;
  • long-term residence permit in Romania;
  • work permit in Romania;
  • long-stay visa;
  • registration of residence / permanent residence;
  • work permit;
  • the right to asylum;
  • residence permit for any purpose regarding foreign citizens;
  • annulment of the decision to return / leave the territory of Romania;
  • the recovery of Romanian citizenship by former Romanian citizens who have lost this quality for various reasons;
  • renewal of foreign driving licenses

Fiscal documents;


  • Drafting the articles of association;
  • Reservation of the company name
  • Drafting the contract for the registered office;
  • Completing all forms;
  • Free consultation;
  • Preparation of the file;
  • Submitting the file to the Trade Register;
  • Collection of documents;



  • Registration application – form;
  • Copies of the documents of the shareholders, administrators;
  • Reservation of the company name;
  • Declaration regarding the fulfilment of the quality of shareholder and administrator;
  • Legalized signature specimen;
  • Copies of the deeds of ownership of the location where the new registered office will be located;
  • If applicable, a statement authenticated on one’s own responsibility, regarding the non-overlap of the registered office with that of another company;
  • The contract for the registered office – loan, rent, etc .;
  • Model I or II statement – depending on the case;
  • The articles of association;