Considering a growing need to bring specialized and accessible workforce, a more personal and professional approach to workforce management is needed. Our recruitment and placement services give you the flexibility to recruit skilled workers when and where you need it most

Our agency, with extensive experience in recruiting and placing Asian workers, workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Morocco, is a leading company in the professional industry. One of the building blocks of our success is specialization in certain industries such as the hotel industry, restaurants, confectionery / pastry, construction, agriculture, textile, transportation and automotive.

Our main goal is to help candidates and companies succeed in a variety of industries.

Indica 7 offers complete services and solutions for the recruitment and placement of workers from Asian countries, such as the precise definition of the position and duties of the desired candidate, step-by-step assistance in the selection process, interviewing and concluding the employment contract.

Our consultants will analyze the specifics of your company, evaluate the team of workers, make a complete assessment of the workforce you have and use our search methods and advanced technologies to recruit workers in Asia. Finally, they will identify the most qualified candidates who are suitable for your business and will provide full support in obtaining the documents.

In support of the most accurate and concrete recruitment, Indica7 uses the Integrity Meter platform, the most advanced integrity testing platform in the world.

The Integrity Meter platform examines the integrity, credibility and background of each candidate, presenting a complete, accurate and precise integrity profile. As a result, the percentage of suitable candidates for the position and organizational climate increases, the flow of vacancies / employment decreases, and the risk and percentage of loss to which the company is exposed is much reduced.

The companies will take advantage of free consultancy both in recruiting staff and in filling in the forms, while the candidates will be supported throughout the process of recruitment and transition in Romania.